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Here are some of the frequently asked questions by most of our customers about our organization and the services we provide

From the moment you complete your details with elements of your identity to obtain the driving license, you must wait 5 to 6 working days for the document to be delivered.

Yes of course! Once the document has expired, you can contact us for an extension by submitting the old document so that we can receive information on how your new document will be processed. Even if we create your document and you wish to renew it, you can still contact the authorities as your data is already registered in the system.

Yes of course! The documents we issue are the same as those of the authorities. We use the same quality of materials used by the authorities and record all customer information in the alleged database system and the government recognizes the document. That is why all of our documents are original and legally approved by the government. You should therefore use them as unrestricted legal documents.

When we send you your document, we will also pack a confirmation disc, a phone number and a link to the database that you use to verify the authenticity of your document. The verification disk allows you to view the information fully recorded in the alleged database system. If you see your information in the system, your document is a real document.

We are professionals in this field and we have done it with 100% success. On our website you will find some examples of documents we have created. We receive a minimum of 5-10 orders from potential customers every day and these customers always recommend our services to others after receiving their document. So make sure of our legitimacy.

A driving license for this costs from 1,500 euros to 1,700 euros if desired. The costs of the driving license are included in the payment. In addition, two installments were paid when purchasing the driving license, one before and one after the extremely secure delivery of the document.

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